Room 2A

In the past five months my two oldest children, my girls, have both moved out.

Julie, our oldest, graduated in May and had a job offer in Phoenix beginning in August. She and I made the four day cross country trip together. Those days were filled with a sense of adventure and wonder, but they were also heavy with awareness of our ultimate mission. For me, that was leaving my girl behind in a brand new city 2,000 miles away and coming home without her. For her, I think it was some of that, but also being the new girl at a new job in a new town and all of the unknown that comes with such a brave quest. Honestly, I can't even imagine making a move like that. I live in awe of these incredible people that are my children.

Our baby girl, Amy, just officially moved last week, but we signed the lease on her new place in December. She's been staying in Richmond some and was traveling for a while. Budapest. Yeah, I know. So it feels like she's been gone longer than she has. Amy worked so hard to be accepted to VCU - it was her only pick. She's living with her homie, Jackson, in a beautiful old row house downtown, the address of which is only 113 miles away. The proximity makes me happy, but her leaving still stings a little. 

For the few months between Julie's graduation and departure, when both girls were living here, some weird stuff went on. They moved their two queen sized beds into one bedroom. They called this masterpiece/monstrosity -  "MEGABED". They made the other bedroom into a 'lounge' - complete with a crazy 60's sofa and a Budweiser lamp. Both rooms were out of control. Dirty was only the start. My girls' big brains are far too consumed with great ideas and wanderlust to be overly concerned (read: not concerned at all) with the keeping and caring of their rooms. I'll just leave it at that. 

As hard as it was to see them go, I was ELATED to begin the recovery mission on their rooms. Today I'm going to give you a tour of Amy's old room, which I'm calling Room 2A because she's our second born. I want to say up front that I spent under $300 on everything, yet the space is completely transformed.

I was going for a vintage boho vibe and I've got to have that dash of pink sprinkled on top of, well, everything.

Step #1 was totally cleaning the room, getting the closets right and touching up the paint. We had recently painted and I love the color, so that step was simple. Here's the view from the door.


I've written about the floors in the past. We built them from giant sheets of heavy cabinet grade plywood. I love them and I wish they were everywhere in my house but they are only in this room which adds to the overall swagger of this space.


When I was 20 years old and looking through house plan books, I had no idea what a useless waste of space a dormer window is. Fast forward to present day, we have them and they're a decorating challenge.

I already had this cool rattan shelf that I thrifted a while back. I moved it into the dormer and loaded it with cool stuff. What makes any space special is the personal details. This shelf holds my beautiful pink Royal typewriter, a postcard my daughter sent home from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and of course, the amazing Bohemery Co. macrame hangs next to it all. And plants. Plants rule. Especially in this room.


Turning from the shelf, we catch a glimpse of the funny little light that I saved from the back room of a local lighting store after searching and never finding 'just the right thing'. I paid $35 bucks for it. It was originally marked $185. Yes, sold.


Totally diggin' this little shelf. I bought it a long time ago and wasn't able to use it where I intended to. Thankfully, I save everything (cool) and had it to hang  over the bed in this makeover.


Let's review the wall with the chair. Blue flea market chair, thrift store paint-by-numbers, a plant with pink-edged leaves, and twinkle lights. Done. I have to check myself because I had lots of ideas for this wall, but the room isn't huge and more could have quickly become more. No need for that. Get it to where it makes you smile and walk away. 


This dresser/desk/shelf was the 2017 Craigslist Score of the Year for me. It makes me so happy. Happy enough that I'm posting this photo even thought the lamp shade is CRAZY crooked. I love it that much. 


Another quirky detail that's just for fun is this book. Julie, eldest kook, LOVES 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush. We don't really get it but we totally support it and this book is a nod to her band. Rock on, Juju.


Anyone that's ever worked with me knows I always push for all white linens. It looks clean and when it's not, you can bleach it and bleach is my friend. I've kept it from being too boring by mixing fabrics and patterns and adding a few fun throw pillows for color. The ball fringe on the duvet is my favorite.


This room is so magical at night with all of the twinkle lights on, but it doesn't photograph well. When I'm the photog, it doesn't photograph so great during the day either but, hey, we can't all be good at everything, now can we?!?!

That's all for now. I'm still working on the other room, still unnamed. It's pretty amazing so far. Lots of pink. 

I hope you are working on something that brings you joy. If you need ME to work on something that brings you joy, hit me up. I'm always ready for fun.

It's 2018! Get after it, my homies!