The Craigslist Chronicles


This post is dedicated to my friend, Jamie Perez. She was there pushing me along when I was trying to get up the courage to start this blog and all that goes with it. More recently, she sent me a message asking if I had seen this crazy Pyrex posting on Craigslist. I had not and I was SUPER thankful for her valuable tip. It led to this adventure.

The day I got the message from Jamie, I tried to contact the seller, we'll call him "Skip". He did not answer, so I left a message. His ad clearly stated that he would NOT respond to any text messages. When I didn't hear from him, I tried sending an email to the default 'reply' account, but that wasn't answered either.

I lined up my trusty sidekick/adventure buddy/designer of this site, we'll call her Grace because that's her name, with optimism. I just KNEW we would hear back from "Skip" and we were going to hit the proverbial Pyrex mother load!

Wednesday morning we set out without ever even speaking to "Skip". Here it should be noted that the ad originated in Gloucester, VA, about 70 miles away from me. We both called several times and left messages but still no "Skip". I do this thing where I proclaim the reality I want for myself which sounds a little hocus pocus, I know, but it seriously works. (If you've not read "You are a Badass - How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero, stop reading this blog and go read that.) I kept telling Grace that he was going to be calling VERY soon and so, of course, it made total sense that we were traveling to a man's house, location unknown, and whom we had never met or even spoken to.

We used our time and trip to scout tons of awesome junk store locations along the way. We found some killer places and scored some great finds. When we were checking out one of these places my phone rang. You know it was "Skip", right? It was! I told him we were really near by and he told me his life story including his address and what kind of car he drove. WE WERE IN!!

We drove the short distance to "Skip's" place which was right off of the main highway. It was a really small and pretty sketchy looking trailer park. Grace and I are both huge fans of the trailers as we are both owners of tiny ones so we were not at all put off by the scene. We easily found "Skip's" trailer by the description of his car, a gold Lincoln with the faux leather top peeling off. 

He greeted us on the porch and invited us inside while warning us not to "mind his smoking". What he meant by this was that he would be chain smoking a half-pack in the 15 minutes we were there. 

download (1).jpg
download (2).jpg

The inside of "Skip's" single-wide was a Pyrex Mecca of sorts. He had TONS! There were large folding tables set up in his living room and kitchen, leaving limited space for any other furnishings. He had his recliner and TV but little else. He explained to us that he didn't have a computer, that someone else had helped him post the ad. Someone who undoubtedly would not want to deal with his collection...down the road. What he DID have was a thick Pyrex catalog listing most of everything they had ever made (#1 on my Christmas wish list). This was how he was gauging his astronomical prices.

download (3).jpg

It would have taken hours to go through all that he had and would have become something of a health risk for us. I got in the floor and made a pile of the pieces I was sure I couldn't live without. The very first piece he gave me a price on was a small pink casserole with lid. He began to explain how "rare and perfect" this was and that he would need to charge me $50 for it. I began to explain to him how I have a family and it's Christmastime and that I would NEVER waste that much money on a piece of Pyrex. The pink would have to stay. Each subsequent item was assigned an equally insane price based on "Skip's" perception of its value. Here is why I say "perception". He wanted to charge me prices like one would see in a very busy, very high-end antique shop. I was looking for the trailer park deal.

download (4).jpg

We ended up settling on a price that I was comfortable with for everything in my pile, including the pink casserole. I hope that "Skip" learned something from my visit. I know I sure did. Here are some of my Internet ad shopping tips.

*If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

*Be sure to actually speak to the seller.

*Never pay fancy store prices for something you are buying off of someone's floor.

*Try all of the new apps - I've used LetGo recently and I like it. All communication is done through the app so no personal information is exchanged until there's an actual purchase. There are lots out there but I don't want to recommend any I've not tried myself.

*Always ALWAYS bring a buddy. I like to believe the world is full of good people so why not double the fun?!?!

*Never EVER pay with a Money Gram or whatever those things are called at Walgreens. It says right on the red phone where you send the money "NEVER SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW". I read that when I was sending money to someone I didn't know. SCAM! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope you found some useful information or at least got a giggle from our mis-adventures. Life's is short. Get out there and look for your fun!