Who Loves Ugly Old Dressers? MEEEEE!!

My mom was cleaning out her storage shed and gifted me with this super ugly dresser. It just so happened that it was the perfect size for a space in my foyer I was working on. I loaded it up and brought it home for some tlc. I'm a sucker for a stray.


The sad before

I removed what  knobs were still on, took it all apart and sanded it pretty well. Parts of it were cheap solid wood so I knew I could work with it. (The back is basically cardboard.)

Next I spray painted the drawers a fancy gold outside and inside so that when the drawers are opened you can see some extra pretty. Reminder: this thing needed all the help it could get. 


The next step was the drawer fronts. I had been hanging on to this beautiful wrapping paper for a couple of months. I picked it up in the checkout line at T J Maxx (favorite) so it was inexpensive but really heavy, nice quality paper. I cut the paper to size and used Mod Podge on the back of the paper and the fronts of the drawers. There's a small window there where you can move things around a little to get the best fit possible. I let them dry overnight and then applied a top coat of Mod Podge the next day, again allowing it to dry over night. 

download (1).jpg

It's the tiny touches that make the biggest impact on projects like these. I found these perfect little knobs at Target. They went great with the gold in the paper and were also my inspiration to paint the drawers gold. 

download (2).jpg

My Home Depot (I say 'my' because I go so often. I'm expecting to be selected as employee of the month any time now) has a fantastic paint department. My friends there, just as an experiment, tried to color match the background of the wrapping paper in a sample size. It was a perfect match and just the right amount. I was only painting the frame. I mixed the tiny jar of paint with some chalk paint powder that I saw reviewed online. This stuff was pretty magical. It's called BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder. In all of my DIY adventures, I had never experimented with the chalk paint. It went on really easy and covered so well. I know there are lots of steps one can take in the chalk paint world but I was fine with trying step 1 for my first time out.  It did feel "chalky" after it dried so I gave the entire frame a finish coat of Mod Podge. I know all of this Mod Podge use may sound a little '90's crafty' but I tend to use what I have around. 

download (3).jpg

Get this stuff! 

I love how it turned out! 

download (4).jpg

Thank you for visiting my brand new site! I hope you will stop by again. Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about this project or just want to say "Hey!"